Platypus Big Zip EVO 2.0L

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Platypus Big Zip EVO 2.0L

Platypus Big Zip EVO 2.0L

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You can flip it inside out for easy care. When it comes to maintenance, the HydroPak may indeed be one of the best hydration bladders. The battle of water bottle vs hydration bladder shows no signs of abating, so it's worth taking a moment to think about the considerations around hydration.

Also, it’s important to note that horizontally-orientated hoses are more difficult to change than vertically-oriented hoses. If you want to upgrade your bladder with some accessories, make sure it comes with interchangeable features. Durability Of course, you don't have to fill a reservoir right to the top, so for versatility, a 3-litre bladder will have you covered in more scenarios. What is the best cold weather hydration bladder? Funk-free: Embedded Silver-ion technology safeguards your clean water from mould and bacteria, ensuring a reliable and clean water source. Our Best Buy winner, the Platypus Hoser, has been hit by the recent inflation trend. While this bladder used to be a solid deal offered at a low price, recent price increases have narrowed the price range between this model and many other top options. During our next product update, we will reassess our award winners to discern whether a better value option is available. The MSR Hydration Bladder is an inexpensive hydration bladder with an above-average liquid capacity (4 L; 135 oz). It also comes in a smaller version (2 L; 68 oz) and a bigger one as well (6 L; 200 oz). Despite its impressive capacity, the MSR DromLite is lighter than some 3 L models on my list. But do know that this is just a bladder, not a hydration system. It doesn’t come with a bite valve or a hose.Bladders are really good if you're not good at stopping to take a drink as they are so convenient you take lots of short mouthfulls as you go which eliminates the risk of dehydration. They aren't so good if you want to use them around camp because they don't have a proper opening, The Playpus Hoser is the alternative, less convenient in use on the trail, but the bladder takes a standard cap so you can use it as your camp water container. It’s important to empty and dry your reservoir when it’s not in use. Some have handy hang loops that make drying easier. To dry out your reservoir, blow air into the mouthpiece to empty the tube of water, then hang the bladder upside down with the tube inside to prop the reservoir open.

The feature is brilliant as it allows you to easily reach inside the reservoir when you want to clean it. Refilling is super easy, and the cap opens with just a slight turn. Its easy-to-use bite valve is like no other, and the hose has a wide diameter. This allows for higher water flow. On top of having many convenient features, the Crux is also quite durable. Thanks to the high-quality plastic polymer, the bladder can last for a long time. Regarding versatility, the Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Engine water bladder is hard to beat. It features a bulb that you can use to turn the hydration bladder into a solar shower. It comes in handy when you need to clean your dirty equipment. All hydration systems in this review use bite valves which offer the most hassle-free access to water – by applying pressure on the mouthpiece the valve gets opened and the water is ready for drinking. The other popular type of mouthpiece is the push/pull valve which is slightly more difficult to use as it requires that you close the valve (with hands or teeth) after drinking. As we know that bite valves are easier to use, we only listed hydration systems with bite valve mouthpieces. Accessories:Your hydration bladder will keep you hydrated, healthy, and happy while you enjoy your hike. But, even though hydration bladders seem super simple on the outside, not all of them perform the same. The Platypus Big Zip EVO is my choice for the best water bladder. I must admit for short hikes where I can fill up with water along the way, I am more of a fan of water bottles or flasks. If I am hiking all day with no access to water and the terrain is challenging, then a bladder is the better option. How to Care for Your Hydration Water Bladder The Semi-rigid Center Baffle offers essential low-profile support, simplifying cleaning and drying. Meanwhile, the HyFLO™ Self-sealing Bite Valve, paired with the new, larger 5/16" drink tube, guarantees an improved flow rate. Embrace funk-free hydration with embedded Silver-ion technology, guarding your water from mould and bacteria. Rest assured, you're enjoying a Pure Platy Experience, as all materials are certified taste-free, BPA-free, BPS-free, and phthalate-free. Upgrade your outdoor hydration game with the Big Zip™ EVO. If the opening is too narrow, you can use a cleaning tablet instead of the whole kit. They are simple to use, just follow the instructions on the label. The CamelBak reservoir cleaning tabs are a great choice. The slide-top design makes it easy to use. It allows you to turn the bladder inside out, making cleaning easy. You can fill it from a tap or outdoor source without any effort because the opening is large enough.

Like the EVO, the Hoser has excellent antimicrobial properties. It features the same silver-ion coating that keeps bacteria and mold at bay. You can rest assured it will keep your water taste-free. There are also bottle-top bladders. Bottle top bladders are easy to fill with just one hand, but they are difficult to clean. A bottle top bladder is a good choice if you prefer small openings. Bottle top bladders usually have the best leak-proof properties. Water Flow RateJoints around the tube and mouthpiece are more likely to leak than the reservoir itself. This is another reason why it’s good to have a bladder with detachable parts, as you can replace them if they get damaged. Bladder or Water Bottle If you forget to empty it and leave it like that for a few days, you don’t have to worry about any nasty germs smelling up your WXP. Still, it’s best to rinse it and dry it after each use. Even though it’s easy to clean by hand, the WXP is not dishwasher safe. Empty the bladder out after each use. Make sure to properly air it out. Puff a few hearty breaths into the tube to blow the water out. If possible, flip the bladder inside out. Use warm water, a bit of mild soap, and a non-abrasive pad to scrub it gently.

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