3Sets of Connectors for Garden Water Hose Expanding Hose Female Male Repair Kit

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3Sets of Connectors for Garden Water Hose Expanding Hose Female Male Repair Kit

3Sets of Connectors for Garden Water Hose Expanding Hose Female Male Repair Kit

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The first thing you’re going to notice is just how nice the hose feels in your hand. You could be mistaken for thinking it’s a cloth like material! And it get’s better. When you compare it directly to it’s main competitors the Ansio and the FIT, this is definitely equal in quality; the brass hose connectors, quality kink free hose, and all the accessories you need to get going such as half inch reducers for smaller garden taps. Note, most taps are 3/4 these days but again it’s a nice touch. There are a few issues though, but before we get going let’s have a look at my short video setting this up and getting it going / using it: I'll get you the answers as fast as possible, I just need patience on your part and a teeny bit of belief. Can You Use Teflon Tape on a Garden Hose? The Ansio expandable hose comes with a 9 spray setting spray gun offering you decent versatility. There are lighter sprays for watering plants and bathing the dog, and more focused jets for cleaning off harder surfaces. Some say that Teflon will leak harmful chemicals into your water supply - this is untrue. Teflon has been used by plumbers for ages (well, decades. I can't imagine the Romans with Teflon, but it's a fun idea!) And as such, Teflon has been studied quite thoroughly. If you use the white non-dyed Teflon tape, you'll be alright - just beware of off-brand "Teflong" or other generic brands, as they cut corners that will leach chemicals into your water. And that's it! Repairing a garden hose is super simple and we have loads of information listed in the various sections above. Can an Expandable Hose Be Mended?

This expandable hose is great fit for most because it is a great quality expandable hose that runs about middle of the market on just about everything. The price is still pretty cheap for those that aren’t looking to break the bank yet has a good reputation of holding up for a long time. TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose Just as with normal garden hoses, expandable garden hoses can be repaired. The process is pretty much the same, though you'll need an expandable hose repair kit .* A good expandable hose can be a smart buy if you’re someone that gets frustrated with having to manhandle heavy rubber hoses, twisting out kinks and trying to find a good space to store them, but there are a few things to know before you make your purchasing decision.They’ve developed a newer style of trigger too since I last tested and bought an expandable hose. Rather than a trigger they have a switch that varies the power of water pressure. You can easily water seedlings with this type of switch. I found it very handy: The newer style switch is very nice to use on expandable hose pipes What’s not to like about this expandable garden hose? For a start it’s got a lifetime guarantee that it seems they are actually honouring. That’s confidence in your product right there, and yes you did read that right, I know of people claiming a year after buying and still getting replacements. It’s priced very well for the quality (brass hose connectors aren’t cheap). Just take a look at the link provided to be sure. Using quality brass connectors brings another advantage. It significantly reduces the amount of water you have dripping and leaking around the garden.

The overall "should you/shouldn't you" question here is a bit difficult to answer, as everyone has their own thoughts on it. Some say that the above solution (gasket vs. no gasket) is the only important factor, but others disagree. Most arguments boil down to whether or not you'll cause undue stress on the hose and valve, but others have to do with chemicals . This is a great bit of kit to service awkward spots in the garden. I use these to get to the hard to reach spots, and the last ten metres of my garden by connecting it to a standard hose. This has served me pretty well and I am far more happy with the weight of this product and ease of movement than a conventional hose. It allows so much more comfort and therefore less energy required to get the watering sorted! If you’re not at full strength you will super appreciate this piece of watering kit. The FitLife expandable hose is available in 4 sizes- 25m, 50m, 75m, and the largest is 100m. These lengths are the maximum the hose can be expanded too under high water pressure, but with average pressure you should expect less than that. Still, a 75m or 100m model should be long enough for most gardens regardless of pressure.
Like the ANSIO expandable hose, this model comes with high quality brass fittings and a spray gun. The spray gun has 8 different sprays to choose from and each work well with a good level of output pressure-wise.

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With very high water pressure you should be able to fully expand the KINGTOP to the maximum length of 100ft but under normal water pressure levels you would more likely get about two thirds of that, which is still a good length. For a small puncture a hose repair kit can come to your aid. ‘It’s amazing what a hose repair kit can do,’ says Ismael.

Another good thing about the fittings supplied with the HOMOZE expandable garden hose is that they are adjustable and therefore you can connect to 1”, ¾”, and ½” faucets with very little fuss and no need to go out and buy extra fittings. So why is this model so much cheaper than the others we have reviewed above?
Well, for one thing, the fittings and connectors on this expandable hose are all made out of plastic instead of brass which obviously lowers the cost to the manufacturers and therefore reduces the price we have to pay as customers. Slide the tubing over the barbed end of the hose end fitting. If your hose has an additional piece of hose over the part that gets clamped (like mine did) put it on the tubing before you place the tubing over the threaded barbed fitting then slide the extra piece over the tube. This extra piece will help prevent accidental cutting of the tube when clamped.Insert the threaded replacement end from your hose kit in the cut end - push it in as far as possible. (You may need to muscle this into place.) This product is another one that has been made with durability in mind and sports the same kind of dual layer latex with tightly knitted, fabric coating as other quality models. Once you've done that, grab a handy-dandy roll of electrical tape and wrap the leaking bit thoroughly in tape and et voila - your hose is fixed. Using the screws and screwdriver, tighten you repair kit's clamp around the end of your garden hose. Be sure your screws are as tight as possible (by hand).

The 50ft I tested seemed most comfortable at about 12 metres – yeah I could have kept on pulling, but you can see how taunt this is already: My Expandable Garden Hose, Upgraded 3-Layer Latex Hose Pipe stretches to 12 metres comfortably but could go beyond the 15 metres if needed – not that I would push it But getting to the crux of the test – the hose flexibility. I have to say when these first arrived in the UK they were pretty spindly. Since testing and R & D has happened they are now three layers of flexi PVC – this is a long way forward from where they were right at the beginning. This spray gun connector, despite my reservations about the material used, is actually very solid and has a fixed in filter to help prevent water leaking out. Several of my customers have used this particular model for a while and I haven’t heard a single complaint about leaking being a problem so it seems to be doing the job it was intended for.Rather than from the hose itself, the leak might come from a joint. ‘There are a few ways to approach this,’ explains Ismael. ‘First, try tightening the connection. This is the easiest and most cost-effective thing to rule out. Just be careful not to overtighten it as this can cause more damage.’ Expandable hoses haven’t always had the best reputation for being durable but, thanks to newer products like this one from FitLife and other companies such as ANSIO, that is starting to change. In this product, although the accessories can be a very convenient add, the majority of the work on durability was put into the hose and connections themselves. The accessories are known to be a little more iffy in terms of durability. The price can also be a bit steep unless you know you want to invest in a great long-term expandable hose. Considerations When Buying Depending on where the leak in your garden hose is, you'll have different answers. Let's just dive right in!

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