CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger with Automatic Temperature Compensation, Black

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CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger with Automatic Temperature Compensation, Black

CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger with Automatic Temperature Compensation, Black

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If speed, power and capacity are especially important to you, then there’s the larger CTEK MXS 7 chargeror the even larger CTEK MXS 10 battery chargerhas the same functions as this model, except with 10 Amp charging, effectively double the power. And it can act as a 12V power supply (10A). Anything Else I Need To Know? If you have never used a battery charger before and you’re worried about safety, don’t be — unlike many other battery chargers, this won’t spark when you put the clamps on. It’s surge protected. And it won’t short if you accidentally touch the clamps together. The device is reverse polarity protected, so you won’t do any damage if you wire it up to the battery with the terminals the wrong way round. The one thing that his charger needs however is a mains connection, therefore using while broken down or trying to charge a battery on a boat will not be an option with this charger.

AGM battery Charging, likewise, requires a charger that is specifically made for AGM, and the MXS 5 certainly is. Weaknesses of this CTEK MXS 5.0 charger? No Lithium Mode Reconding an AGM battery does not harm the battery, but does not help either, so we cannot recommend the Recond program on AGM batteries. Nevertheless, with a good battery charger/maintainer, you can extend the life of a battery by years. We also looked at the output coming from each battery charger. If you have a decent 150 Ah leisure battery, it may be that it takes a long time to charge up using a low-output charger. However, a battery will draw only what it needs. So it may only draw 10-15 amps if the leisure battery is of average size and has not yet run completely flat. In fact, as it charges, it may draw even less power, dropping down to 6 Amps or less. The MXS 5.0 is a charger that offers state of the art technology that was previously only found in CTEK's professional product range. The charger can solve a broad range of battery-related problems and is the perfect charger for those with high demands. The MXS 5.0 offers features such as battery diagnosis that shows if a battery can receive and retain a charge, a special reconditioning function that restores stratified and deeply discharged batteries, unique maintenance charging, and a mode for optimised charging of demanding AGM batteries (i.e. Optima). The unique display allows the user to follow the entire charging process.AGM or GEL batteries are not flooded, and therefore do not suffer from stratification. That means the Recond mode will not help with AGM or GEL batteries. Q: What if I select the AGM mode, but the battery isn’t AGM? Will that cause damage to the charger or the battery? Again, I probably should have activated the ‘Recond’ mode, but I didn’t for the same reasons as before. I have no idea what kind of battery is in the car because it doesn’t say in the owner’s manual, and the data-sheet isn’t visible on the battery. At CTEK, we're at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, closely observing the evolution of electric vehicles (EVs) as the cornerstone of modern transportation. The commitment from the UK to this green transition isn't merely an environmental endeavour; it's a national initiative. After originally publishing this review, I got in touch with the CTEK support team with the above questions. Because their answers were so detailed and helpful, I asked them if I could include the answers in my review.

For the MXS 5.0 to charge a vehicle battery, the minimum voltage the vehicle battery can be is 2 volts. Anything below that, and it may not charge.However, one of his recommendations did apply to all car and motorcycle owners. Namely, the importance of keeping your vehicle’s battery in prime condition. This is something that most of us, presumably, ignore. The truth is, having a well-maintained battery will not only save us a lot of money, but it can save us from a number of other issues, too (imagine your car not starting when you need it the most). Charge stages: The charger has a multi-stage charging process that includes a desulfation stage, a soft start stage, a bulk charging stage, an absorption stage, and a maintenance stage which allow it to charge batteries safely and effectively while extending their lifespan. CTEK Chargers is a brand that specializes in battery chargers and matching accessories designed to keep your vehicle's battery in optimal condition. A stratified battery cannot store voltage as well as a healthy battery can and behaves like a smaller-capacity battery. When conventionally charged – by the charger or the alternator – only the parts that are still “healthy” will be charged. So, a battery may seem fully charged but can be emptied by one start attempt. Stratification also promotes corrosion on the upper half of the plates and creates sulphation problems at the bottom. Q: If I use the Recond mode on WET or Ca/Ca batteries, should I unplug the battery from the vehicle or can it remain plugged in?

Firstly to begin you need to connect your crocodile clips, make sure to read your car manufacturers recommended guidelines on how to connect to your battery. CTEK chargers are also state-of-the-art battery maintainers. The MXS series can charge and maintain all kinds of motorcycle and car batteries. There’s a special ‘float/pulse’ mode for long-term maintenance, so you can leave your MXS device hooked up to the battery for as long as you want. The MXS 5.0 has the ability to charge a 12 volt lead acid battery, covering most cars, motorbikes and campervans. As this battery charger is a Smart charger that means once your battery is fully charged the charger will monitor and maintain the charge level. It can take more than several hours to get to this point, but once it does, you’re safe in the hands of the smart functionality. Why is this important? Because vehicle batteries come in so many different types and, even more importantly, every battery is in a different state of charge and condition. As long as the acid and the water of the electrolyte in the battery are well mixed, the battery works as it should. But, if the acid and water separate into layers, the battery cannot be charged anymore because of the parts that are layered, not by the alternator, nor by the charger.Temperature compensation is now also taken care of automatically. Where the previous model required manual switching into cold weather mode by the user when required, the new model now uses sophisticated internal electronics to detect ambient temperature, adjusting its charge fully automatically. This results in improved charging in extreme cold and reduces the risk of overcharging in very hot conditions. Absorption– The absorption stage follows the bulk charging stage and involves a lower current charge to bring the battery to the total capacity. The charger also monitors the battery’s voltage and temperature to ensure it is charged safely and efficiently Whether you own a modern car or a classic, a battery charger is an essential bit of kit — especially during the winter months. When temperatures drop, not only are more cranking amps required to start our motor, but we also ask our batteries to work harder. Lights, heaters, fans on full to demist screens, heated seats (fancy)… According to Tony Zeal, battery expert and training manager at CTEK, external factors like temperature and the frequency of maintenance charging play a vital role in a car battery's longevity. To ensure years of optimal performance, it's essential to prioritize the best care for your battery. 💫

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