Trailer Eyelet Coupling Gator Bellows Knott KFG13 KFG20 KFG27 KFG30

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Trailer Eyelet Coupling Gator Bellows Knott KFG13 KFG20 KFG27 KFG30

Trailer Eyelet Coupling Gator Bellows Knott KFG13 KFG20 KFG27 KFG30

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Workshop manuals are available for advice about the maintenance and repair of your vehicle. These are essential for anyone who intends to service or repair their own vehicle. If you see this warning light then you have a problem with your oil pressure. Continuing to drive with this light on could cause your engine to seize. If there’s not enough oil pressure the engine components won’t be lubricated. They will overheat and eventually will seize. A high-pressure fuel injector delivers fuel into the cylinders. Most diesel engines use a high-pressure fuel injector system which will deliver pressurised fuel directly into the cylinders of the engine. This system is known as a direct injection engine. Damage can be caused by clumsy or aggressive coupling techniques, manoeuvring outside of the range of the coupling, and poor maintenance and care of the parts. Cables and air lines

The fifth wheel coupling is used to connect a tractor unit to a trailer. It allows articulation between the tractor and trailer. Lorry and bus tyres have codes on the tyre side walls which indicate the maximum load and the speed capability. Increased risks of punctures The oil filter collects sediment from the oil. This sediment comprises tiny metal fragments from the engine. The oil filter will usually be replaced at service intervals and this reduces friction. Fuel It is also a requirement for the manufacturer’s date code to be legible on all tyres fitted to LGV tractor units and trailers over 3.5 tonnes. Older vehicles require double-declutching to change gear. On new vehicles with synchromesh gearboxes, double-declutching increases clutch wear and wastes fuel. Protective clothingReversing too fast into the jaws can squash the towing eye meaning the pin won’t drop through. Reverse slowly until the trailer is coupled. Aggressive reversing can break or bend the funnel which directs the towing eye into the jaw. In this case, the drawbar height was too low and the approach speed too fast. The funnel couldn’t direct the drawbar into the jaw, instead breaking through the funnel.

Options for 1-2 working day delivery and next day timed services available on most items Zone B Surcharge Areas Agricultural equipment is hauled by a tractor-mounted drawbar. Specialist agricultural tools such as ploughs are attached to specialist drawbars which have functions in addition to transmitting tractive force. This was partly made redundant with Ferguson's development of the three-point linkage in his famous TE20.On light vehicles, the most common coupling is an A-frame drawbar coupled to a 1 7/8 inch or 50mm tow ball. These drawbars transmit around 10% of the gross trailer weight through the coupling. Consistent high speeds for long distances on motorways can cause your tyres to overheat and disintegrate. This is more likely to be the case if they are under-inflated because this creates more rolling resistance that is dissipated in the form of heat. If you are driving a vehicle fitted with a turbocharger these can heat up to 600 degrees Celsius. When you stop, allow your engine to idle a short time (around a minute) to help the turbo cool. Some vehicles will have a turbo timer fitted to allow this to happen without you waiting with the vehicle. Oil Smoke coming from your tyres is not normal in every day driving and you should stop immediately if you see this as it could be rubbing on part of the bodywork which will eventually cause it to overheat or will rub through and cause a blowout. Changing a wheel or tyre

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A drawbar is a solid coupling between a hauling vehicle and its hauled load. Drawbars are in common use with rail transport, road trailers, both large and small, industrial and recreational, and with agricultural equipment. The direction of haulage may be push or pull, though pushing tends to be for a pair of ballast tractors working together, one pulling and the other pushing an exceptional load on a specialist trailer. The most common drawbar configuration for heavy vehicles is an A-frame drawbar at the front of a full trailer that connects to a tow coupling on a hauling vehicle [1]

If you notice a lump or bulge, a deep cut more than 25mm (1 inch) long, or exposed ply or cords, then the tyre is illegal to use on the road. You can see in this following video how much force a tyre on a heavy vehicle can explode with in a blowout. When you start the engine the ignition light should go out. If it doesn’t, you have an electrical fault. If you are driving a vehicle with a two-speed axle, this doubles the number of gears. An electrical switch actuates a mechanism in the rear axle which doubles the choice of gear ratios, which can significantly improve the performance of a heavily laden vehicle. The purpose of a pre-heating device is to heat the engine in cold weather. They heat the glow plugs in the cylinders. The starter should only be operated when the indicator light goes out. Energy-saving tyres can help save money as they have a reduced rolling resistance, increase fuel efficiency and increase grip. The increased grip means you don’t have to brake as much for corners. The reduced rolling resistance means that the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to get the vehicle moving, or keep it moving.Vehicle operators must have an effective system in place for drivers to report vehicle defects and have them repaired properly. If you notice your headlights not working, even if it’s daytime, get them fixed before setting off.

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