Mature Women Spanked 4: Jo continues to spank the older ladies in the retirement village

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Mature Women Spanked 4: Jo continues to spank the older ladies in the retirement village

Mature Women Spanked 4: Jo continues to spank the older ladies in the retirement village

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Ken Barnard is a computer software designer who has had a series of unrewarding relationships with women his own age. Sure, someone may be holding your arm and you may be doing your best to get away, but still, you take your licks and move on. When someone goes before a judge, even for serious offenses, they are doing so because they broke the law; it’s not personal. In life we will make mistakes, and manning up to them (being willing to accept them, and learn from them as well as take the earned consequences) is becoming a lost quality.

Dominatrix holds black matte handcuffs in his hands Dominatrix holds black matte handcuffs in his hands.

I don’t know where the line is for “sparing the rod and spoiling the child” but I, personally, don’t think a kid should get lashes for every offense. Being recently separated from his wife (her idea) and going through the process of divorce (her idea as well), he needed somewhere to live.

They don’t have to agree with the discipline or even agree that they were in the wrong, but they should be told what rule they broke and why they are being punished. Over the years I have talked to a few guys about this subject and it is generally remembered with an almost nostalgic air. Joseph Smith had just turned fifty so he was eligible to live in the house his friend owned in a retirement villiage. SLO MO Spanking the buttocks Slow motion close up shot of a man's hand spanking the woman's buttocks while she is lying on the beach. He did okay in the divorce settlement even though his wife got the house and his Mercedes, he had some money that nobody knew about so he would be comfortably off for a while.

Others say it is advocating disciplining your children by hitting them with a stick, plain and simple. Charming middle aged redhead woman admiring her body shape in the mirror and slapping her buttocks in domestic interior. For the next 10 minuets I stood there listening to Charles spanking my wife interspersed with him scolding her and lecturing her and she agreeing with all that he had said. Jo also has a passion for spanking and many of the older women will do anything to be over Jo's lap. The large estate had over a thousand detached houses as well as some flats and assisted living properties.

Extreme close up shot of the hand with manicure of girl in a tight fitting shiny red zentai suit, plucking fabric on suit. He goes on to tell about pulling out of his driveway and almost backing over his son who rode his bike too close to the parked cars. In this book, you will find a single man in his early thirties who loves to spank, cane and belt older women. A cat walks near the legs of a Dominatrix woman in a latex suit A cat walks near the legs of a Dominatrix woman in a latex suit. It got to the point that I realized I was disciplining out of anger and not because I knew it would achieve the desired outcome.

Some say that the ‘rod’ mentioned is a tool used by the shepherd to guide and lead the sheep, not to beat them.

I have been on the positive and negative ends of discipline with the paddle, where in some cases it was used as the only means to discipline me and others it was reserved for the worst offenders – still me – and was administered with extreme prejudice. Add on to that, growing up in a society which promoted a ‘better, gentler’ way of raising children, it seemed like the right thing to do. At a young age, before we are able to think and reason on abstract subjects like disrespect, lying, unkindness, and disobedience, pain serves as a teaching tool.

Whether it's long-standing baggage, happy thoughts, or recent trauma, posting it here may provide some relief. The way we were going to turn out was important to them and they didn’t take the easy road that so many advocate now. It was also tough because it caused me to think back on how I badly mishandled this with my own boys. In book two, Jo meets Joanne who is a terrible driver, even at slow speeds, and then he meets her thirty-eight-year-old daughter.

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