Bloodsport(Blu-ray) (FSK 18)

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Bloodsport(Blu-ray) (FSK 18)

Bloodsport(Blu-ray) (FSK 18)

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Back at the hotel, Dux and Jackson find Janice Kent trying to get a story on the Kumite from one of the participants, a Mid-Eastern fighter named Hossein (Bernard Mariano). Dux and Jackson go to check in at their hotel and are told that a Victor Lin is looking to speak to them. I can say that I was pleased when his publicist or barber forced shears upon him and redireced his status as a power-symbol of the 80's party-mop. Victor speaks to them in Chinese, and the tallest of the guards, their leader, lets them all through with a condescending air toward the American foreigners. That being said, there are only very minor instances of visible print damage and no signs of excessive digital processing, leaving me under the impression that this is close to as good as the film could possibly look on home video.

But Chong Li adopts a counter-punching strategy and gets inside, landing brutal attacks that leave Parades completely dazed and stunned. As the Kumite prepares for the first fight, Victor reminds Dux and Jackson that the contests are full-contact, and there are three ways to win-- knock the opponent out, knock them off the platform, or force the opponent to shout the word "Matte," which is a cry of surrender similar to saying 'Uncle. Seeing she cannot budge Dux, Janice resignedly shouts that she only hopes Dux doesn't end up in a similar state as Jackson-- or even worse, before storming off.The first-round bouts are conducted, showing several participants standing out as victorious and forces to be reckoned with -- a Polynesian fighter named Parades (Michel Qissi), a Chinese kung-fu fighter named Chuan Ip Mung (Dennis Chu), a big and burly Japanese Sumo fighter named Pumola (David Ho), a Muay Thai kickboxer named Paco (Paulo Tocha), Jackson, and Chong Li, who is the current champion.

Frank Dux has spent most his life being trained by Tanaka to participate in the Kumite, the ultimate martial arts tournament, where participants are seriously injured, even killed. The crowd falls completely silent as the referee feels for breath and looks at Chong Li in appalled shock. But under-heralded 'Hard Target' actually has some level of artistry, and (as noted several times in ' JCVD') is noteworthy as the English language debut of Hong Kong director John Woo (as well as for going through 17 cuts with the MPAA before securing an R-rating). Rising to his feet, Dux begins to step carefully around the arena, but always able to fend off Chong Li's attacks and land more blows to his stomach.Overview - The world’s martial arts championship isn’t a sport: it’s a war when Van Damme enters the arena.

Dux makes an impassioned plea for Tanaka to train him fully, to compete in the Kumite on Shingo's behalf, to honor both Shingo and Tanaka. Max is a dedicated agent who has all but given up on the idea of having a personal life since the murder of his wife ten years earlier. As the fight begins, Jackson pounds on Chong Li's head with several hammering blows that drive him to one knee.Not satisfied with merely defeating Jackson, Chong Li lets his rage bubble to the surface and delivers a frighteningly brutal stomp to the head of his prone opponent, as Victor struggles to hold Dux back from intervening. The perfunctory romantic relationship between Dux and a female reporter is given such short shrift that the character of Janet feels more like a beard to mask Dux's more abiding affection for the burly American fighter, Ray.

We're shown that you have to get into a rig, which looks kind of like a carnival ride crossed with the vehicles from 'Star Tours,' which shoots you into a void, at which point you pop up at some designated spot in time.His intent is to honor his Sensei Tanaka (Chiao), who trained him since he was a young boy and is now very ill. Again, if you didn't know, you probably couldn't tell, there's just a bit more body in 'Timecop's audio mix.

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