Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)

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Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)

Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)

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People get lucky, some do have the "devil's luck" but Alex got lucky so many times you get bored by the time you reach this far in the series. He meets Alan Blunt and Mrs Jones, who tell him to gather information on Leonard Straik while on his upcoming school trip to Greenfields Bio Centre (where Straik works as Director), and in exchange, they will threaten Bulman into maintaining absolute silence. I'm so invested in this series and for what, for some government official to say that because he's a kid, he's not worth their time? It's so hard to believe to find out Alex is only just about to turn 15 after there being 7 other books and it's crazy to believe this storyline is only set over the course of a year, it just goes to show how much one 14 year old has gone through.

This book, more than any of the others, really takes a spin off the James Bond 007 franchise when it opens up on Alex playing Texas Hold `em with the big baddie of the book.Crocodile Tears (originally to be entitled Endurance Point) is the eighth book in the Alex Rider series by British author Anthony Horowitz. After another hard mission that he wasn't supposed to be on at all i really hope that Alex can get away from the spy life and lead a normal one.

So anyway, Alex gives them the butt-whooping of their lives, and unbeknownst to him, he’s being photographed. Skip, skip, Indian spy passes out from his fever, that he got after his wound got infected, a wound that he got from parachuting in the night, and landing somewhere sharp and pointy. He seemed like a caricature of every mainstream superhero villain, his intentions were stupid, his method was even dumber and why the f does every villain EXPLAIN THEIR MASTERPLAN? He meets the owner of the remote castle where it is held, a seemingly reformed businessman who was sent to jail for fraud (arson). This began with two Sherlock Holmes continuation novels, The House of Silk and Moriarty, followed by my entry into the world of James Bond with Trigger Mortis.He succeeds in breaking in and downloading the entire contents of Straik's computer, but Straik appears and he is forced to hide behind a large mirror. He just wants to be a normal boy, but somehow, he's always tangled in the middle of another mad-man's schemes and impossibly saving the world. Even though they are marketed as YA (and I am a little bit older than that, perhaps even considered OA), they are a delight to read.

Overall, a good light read, but not memorable and requiring a lot of suspension of disbelief on the part of an adult reader so personally I can only rate it as a 3 star read. They survive, and luckily all three are rescued by a man named Rahim, whose origins are currently unknown. Things start moving pretty slowly, and initially it seems as though once again Anthony has no qualms in boring his readers with overly descriptive passages. He also tells Alex that he has murdered Straik and Bulman, as well as revealing his engagement to Bennett and that Bennett was the one who shot out the tires on the car in Scotland.Andai genetik tumbuhan ini diubah untuk ke arah yang baik seperti pengeluaran hasil yang lebih atau ketahanan kepada cuaca yang lebih tinggi tentu hasilnya baik. In fact I wrote my first book when I was ten, stuck in a miserable, north London boarding school where reading and telling stories were my only lifeline. Alex has his friend, Tom Harris, cover for him as he breaks away from the group to infiltrate Straik's office, using a locator map disguised as a postcard. There needs to be a fresher plot, a more interesting villain, or some character development for Alex. You do not go barging into people’s houses and threaten to reveal all their dirty little secrets, especially if said people have been known to land other people in the hospital.

I suspended my disbelief about this unlikely premise, and enjoyed the action sequences and general mayhem.While McCain's guards try and stop him, Alex blows up the Simba Dam, killing them and flooding the valley, destroying the poisoned crops before the RAF can arrive from the Cyprus base.

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