Beware of Chicken 2: A Xianxia Cultivation Novel

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Beware of Chicken 2: A Xianxia Cultivation Novel

Beware of Chicken 2: A Xianxia Cultivation Novel

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The "pacifists are the best fighters" trope is one I never liked, and sadly it's part of this story too. It's noted early on that Azure Hills, the province he's settled in, is rather sparse in Qi, to the point that high level cultivators consider the area beneath their notice, so it's ambiguous whether Jin really is getting stupid strong by being in tune with nature or something, or if his place of birth is so dense in Qi that he's only strong compared to what the province has to offer, while still being a low level schmuck by the standards of the sect he just left.

Jin Rou didn’t want to be part of the struggle and greed of being a cultivator, striving to reach the heavens at the expense of smashing everything else down. I seem to have exposed myself to a lot of stories with heavy themes, high stakes, nasty characters, and hard times.Written by CasualFarmer which I think is a pseudonym, it is apparently very well regarded on webnovel sites that cater to its genre. Eggs from my chickens, rice from my reserves, some sesame oil that I had splurged on when I bought my land… and some of the leftover Lowly Spiritual Herbs I had uh, liberated from the Cloudy whatever sect. The land was considered largely useless by the Magistrate of the town, as there were some minor monsters around, and it needed lots of clearing, but hopefully nothing I couldn't handle. It is very well written and has that special quality that keeps you hooked on finding out what happens in the next chapter! Both she and Tigu have regular spars, though they also both have their own demons that they’re contending with.

Similar I magine to how most youths today respond to any talk of faith or mythology as having any semblance of value to be an apt comparison to maybe resonate with whomever reads this.One where you live a simple life, far removed from the politics and noise of the city, loving the land so much that the land loves you right back. This is an incredibly funny book about a guy with powers who just wants to live a simple life as a farmer.

With a few coins generously given by the Chief of the Sect and a plan, he decides to make a good life, a better life than in the Before, for his sake and for Rou's. You don't usually expect compelling stories about the journeys of a fish, a cat and a chicken, but they are. It was right against my chicken coop, so I could hear if there were any predatory interlopers during the night, but the foxes and the wolves had yet to notice my intrusion, and the prey animals that I had. This reads a little like a deconstruction of the genre, what with all the criticism peppered at the arrogance, entitlement, and overall destructive nature of cultivators, presumably the Canadian author speaking with the protagonist's voice against the more problematic aspects on an otherwise beloved genre. Most characters are friendly to Jin and to each other, and want to help him, and are nice, and I have just walked this cursed planet without the slightest inkling of a clue how much I needed something like this in my life!And boy have I been pleasantly suprised, full of humour, warmth and plenty of interesting little tidbits and mysteries in regards to to how the world functions, as well as a very pleasant take on character interactions thus far. Sure it's ostensibly an isekai cultivation story but unlike most of those, the focus is on the characters and what a great cast Casualfarmer has created for us. Our main character is sensible, not overly smart or stupid but more 'honest-to-god', type smart; being a very low-key character but still able to hold his ground. His tanned skin and freckles had spoken of a lifetime of heavy labour, without the higher realms to prevent them.

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