The Con (Tempted By A Married BBW): A BBW Erotic Short Story

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The Con (Tempted By A Married BBW): A BBW Erotic Short Story

The Con (Tempted By A Married BBW): A BBW Erotic Short Story

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I definitely deserved your going ape-shit at me, and I promise to behave myself if you’ll still let me join your fun and games. I yelled, jolting out of my reverie and heaving myself to my feet, "since when did it become polite to start wanking off in front of a happily fucking couple without their permission? I cried in mock surprise, a naughty smile playing across my lips,"the naughty man seems to be learning already. The stupid grin had turned slowly into a mocking sneer, and with a rush of fury, I suddenly hurled myself across the room, leaping as I closed the distance.

Thick ropes of spunk showered over Aubrey’s heaving breasts, and my knees crumpled beneath me so that I collapsed, still shuddering, against her. She doesn’t even speak his language, but she knows that she wants her new Master’s love…and his seed. Then, she came towards me and put an arm around my shoulders, squeezing tightly as we both glared down at the prostrate intruder. Slowly, I watched Aubrey run the tip of the buzzing silver bullet up Colin’s inner thigh, using it to gently tickle his large, shaved balls as he squirmed and bucked. Later that day, as the last few members of our team threw on hats and coats and surged out of the office for end-of-the-week drinks at the pub a few doors down the street, Aubrey and I found ourselves standing blissfully alone in the atrium.Hot sex and melancholy romance in a dark and dangerous world of powerful men, vulnerable females, and deep magic… In each of this "matching pair" of tales, a man and a woman of vastly different social classes break the imperial taboos to share tenderness and lust…to love and mate together. She gasped, staggering backwards and collapsing on the leather sofa that stood against the wall of the atrium. Raising herself up into a sitting position, she reached out and caressed my aching hard-on through the wet material, pulling the crotch to one side so that I finally sprang free from my confinement.

Standing in the doorway, seemingly bold as brass, and with his trousers around his ankles, was Colin.As soon as I said it, Aubrey let out a bellow of laughter, and my hard cock gave a violent lurch as I saw her every curve begin to ripple with the effort of containing her amusement. This only made her laugh even harder, tears streaming down her face as she continued to fondle herself in front of me. Bucking her pussy up to meet me, she pushed me downwards still further, forcing me to abandon her clit and resume lapping at her bulging lips.

Straining my free hand, I could just about reach around her shoulders and unfasten the band before she fell back down onto the sofa, the huge cups slowly sliding away from her jiggling breasts, revealing the wonderful mounds to my half-closed eyes.The crotch is always on the verge of explosion in the days when you can not have sex even if you want to. She grinned, glancing back at me over her shoulder and winking seductively, "my little slave knows how to please his Mistress properly. Of course, being deeply in love with her provides a great motivation for ensuring discretion at the office, but I still do my very best to steal a quick kiss and cuddle at every opportunity. For her part, my Mistress was still luxuriating in the after-glow: having released her grip on my head, she was cupping one huge breast in each hand, caressing herself and tossing her head back as small shivers continued to rock her soft body. Howard," Aubrey growled, a note of menace in her voice, "if you don’t leave him be, I’m telling you now, we’re finished.

The Ultimate Complete BBW Erotic Romance Collection: Big, Bigger, Busty and Curvy Girls Erotica Stories - (Over 800 Pages). At last, I ran my hands instinctively down the length of Aubrey’s back, squeezing her arse and rubbing against her thigh as she broke the kiss, gasping for breath.

Almost sobbing with need, I began gently nibbling at her clit and giving it long, gentle sucks, my hands reaching up to caress her ample thighs before I slid them underneath her body to rest on her tight arse-cheeks. Sliding my hands up over Aubrey’s shoulders, I entwined my fingers as best I could into her auburn locks, which was made slightly tricky by the fact that, as usual, she was keeping it cut relatively short. Our new partner heaved a sigh of relief, nodded and me and knelt before Aubrey, who extended a hand for him to kiss. Not only that, but I’m always willing to stay behind after hours to help her ’get ahead’ with the following day’s work: partly because I know that she appreciates the company, but mostly because we can take advantage of being alone in the office to indulge in more ’athletic’ activities.

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